Tuya Mini WiFi Smart Switch 16A 2 Gang

Article No.: TW-NoNWN
Tuya Mini WiFi Smart Switch 16A 2 Gang
Tuya Mini WiFi Smart Switch 16A 2 Gang
Tuya Mini WiFi Smart Switch 16A 2 Gang
Tuya Mini WiFi Smart Switch 16A 2 Gang
Tuya Mini WiFi Smart Switch 16A 2 Gang
Article No.: TW-NoNWN
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Tuya Mini WiFi Smart Switch 16A 2 Gang DIY Switch Support Two Way Switch Works With Smart Life Voice Control
Alexa Google Home

The 2gang smart WiFi switch module can be installed behind the switch cassette to control the 2gang switch or control 2 light bulbs. It supports two ways at the same time, turning non-smart bulbs or switches into intelligent control, realizing control on and off, timing, and voice control ( Alexa, Google assistant) and sharing, group control functions. At the same time, it can also create smart scenes with other smart devices on the APP to achieve scene linkage. (APP: Smart Life/Tuya smart)
- Refit ordinary non-smart appliances or equipment into smart devices.
For example, if a desk lamp is converted into a smart desk lamp, the mobile phone can control the light switch. To turn a downlight into a smart downlight, you only need to connect a smart switch module to the switch, and then Alexa/ Google assistant can control the light switch.
- Mobile APP control.
Control the device's power on and off, timing, countdown and other functions through the mobile phone. As long as the mobile phone has a network, you can globally control the switch module at home.
- Voice control.
Support Tmall Genie, Alexa, GoolHome and other voice assistants to realize functions such as switches; "Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights." Turn on the lights in one sentence and enjoy a convenient smart life.
- Timing.
You can control the switch, timing, countdown and other functions of the device through your mobile phone. You can order: turn off the lights in the living room after 2 hours. 18:15 Turn off the oven. Turn on the boiler at 21 :00. You can also time the device when you are not at home. (APP: Smart Life/Tuya Smart)
- Group control.
The lights can be grouped to achieve unified control (simultaneous switching, timing, etc.);
- The Internet of Everything.
Through the setting, it can be linked with other smart scenes to make life smarter; for example, setting the home scene: automatically turn on the lights, TV, and air conditioner in the living room.
- Three wiring methods. (2 way/1 way/non-switch)
The device can be directly connected without a switch.
It can also be connected behind the switch to support single control switch and dual control switch. It can be directly installed in the switch box to hide the switch module. It can also be installed on the dual-control switch without affecting the use of the dual-control switch.
- 2 gang
You can connect two bulbs or 2gang switch.
- State memory.
The power supply is restored after the power failure, without worrying about the change of the equipment state, and the state before the power failure is maintained. It was in the open circuit state before the power was cut off, and the open circuit state is automatically restored when the power is turned on again. (Can be set to open, close, power-off memory mode)