Smart home

Today, there is a growing interest in smart homes. More and more people want to automate their home. Different manufacturers offer different solutions. However, due to fierce competition, a unified, open user-friendly system does not exist yet. Manufacturers have moved in different directions:

1) There are companies that develop and manufacture a closed system that make both the software and the various devices themselves. The disadvantage of these type of system:

- the number of devices are limited
- It requires system configuration and target installation, and
- devices are usually more expensive.

2) Manufacturers of traditional (non-intelligent) devices, due to increasing market demand, are trying to make their own devices intelligent. They produce devices, which are compatible only with a certain, usually their own system. As an example a company selling heating products, creates its own system. This system automates only heating. Other areas, like security, lighting etc are not covered. The disadvantage of these solutions is that we create independent, non compatible systems, which can not be controlled through one platform.

3) Our solution:

A system built around an intelligent controller that can integrate different devices from different manufacturers into one system and control them. We chose the VERA PLUS smart home controller. In our view it is currently the most versatile controller in the world. It operates mainly on z-wave radio frequency but also provides excellent control over Zigbee, wifi, http, bluetooth. Since it is a radio frequency solution, it can be retrofitted. It can be used not only in newly built homes, but also in existing homes that are not specifically prepared to be a smart home. It is stable and reliable when properly configured. VERA PLUS and its small brother VERA Edge are capable of controlling various devices and systems of different manufacturers.

On our website you will find devices that we have tested and installed that work with the VERA PLUS smart home controller. The tools we sell allow you to fully automate a house. Heating-cooling, shading, garage, door, window opening, lighting, alarm system, media control are also possible.

Basic information about the z-wave system:

Radio frequency smart home communications. The control panel and the devices create a network. VERA PLUS explores related devices. You know which device is closest to which device. Devices can communicate with each other without the central hub.

The main hub constantly monitors the network, improves communication, and practically improves the system as a whole. The connection or system is not static but dynamic. Should any device be damaged, out of signal, malfunctioned or lost for any reason, the control panel becomes aware of it, notifies the owner, and attempts to repair the network bypassing the faulty device. If we connect a z-wave device to a traditional "silly" device, we've already integrated it into the smart home. (Eg connecting a traditional fan to a z-wave relay, you can control it through the relay)

The tools in our webshop are able to form a unified system under the VERA PLUS controller, making your existing home intelligent.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email.