Csepi and Csöpi

Article No.: BRE01
Csepi and Csöpi
Csepi and Csöpi
Article No.: BRE01
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Csepi and Csöpi - water droplets in circulation

“When the cloud was full of water drops, the sound gates at the bottom of the cloud closed.

- How big the sea is! Csöpi wondered. "Do you know where this cloud is taking us?"

"Every cloud goes in a different direction, but I don't know where ours is going," Csepi replied.

As they stared at the cloud, they suddenly felt a big shock.

- What was that? Everyone was horrified.

"Don't be scared," the cloud said, "the north wind has just arrived, pushing us, so we can get to our destination faster."

- And where is the destination? Csepi wondered. "

Where are the two little water drops adventuring? Why do they travel to distant lands and why do they want to see the whole world? How does it feel to become transparent and evaporate, to freeze and then to freeze?

Find the answers in the middle of a fabulous adventure in the first volume of the series, Csepi and Csöpi - Water Drops in a Circle, while you meet penguins, camels, cranes with whom you can embark on another journey. But that’s not the end of the tales, because the little water droplets are also mixed into a dark stalactite cave where they get to know a really strange creature. Accompany the water drops on this journey as well, race on a small cave train, drift in hiding streams and experience many, many more exciting experiences while reading the tale!
The book is in Hungarian.