Philips Hue is an intelligent lighting home automation system. Extremely sophisticated, currently the most professional solution. The system is built around a HUE hub. The hub communicates with devices on Zigbee (wireless language) and can turn on/off and dim devices (bulbs), switches and sensors.
Philips Hue is the benchmark. Its bulbs are of good quality and expensive. Where financial resources are available, we recommend the Philips Hue system to be used for home automation. The system works very reliably. Practically whatever one wants to do with respect to lighting, with the Philips system it can be done.
In system, each lighting device (bulb or led strip controller) communicates independently with the hub, so we can control the bulbs one at a time: depending on the type of the device, the brightness, colour temperature, colour.
Philips Hue bulbs are premium bulbs at a premium price.
We also recommend lighting equipment manufactured by GLEDOPTO to those who are after a cheaper solution. GLEDOPTO bulbs are compatible with the HUE system and work with the hub. The bulbs can produce up to 256 million colours and their brightness is proportional to their consumption. With the GLEDOPTO products it is possible to replace Philips Hue bulbs. They are significantly cheaper in price, but technically they provide the same.
The range of GLEDOPTO products is extremely wide, wider than the products range of Philips HUE (for example, they produce reflex lamps).
We offer both Philips HUE and GLEDOPTO products to those who are interested in home automation.

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